lover not a fighter

March Challenge

March's challenge is to write a oneshot based in some way on the following screencap:

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You may expand on what is happening in the actual scene (from Man in the Fallout Shelter), or create a new story in which the characters wind up here.  Have at it!

You'll also notice that we've got a new layout for our page and the challenge standings have been updated.  Woot!

Now get with the writing!

lover not a fighter

January Challenge

Howdy all!

Ms. willgirl  has launched her campaign to take over the world, and will have less time to post challenges here for us, so it has been requested that I take over as conductor on the Booth Express.  :)

You may have noticed that we no longer have a functional header.  Our January Challenge (diverging from the regular written challenges) will be to come up with a new header for the Booth Express!  As usual, all entries will receive a point toward the standings, and once they're all in, you'll be able to vote on our new look.  Winner will receive a bonus point!  Next month we'll be returning to our usual written challenges, but for now, let's spiffy up this joint, shall we?

To submit a header for the challenge, send me a message with a link.  Since it's already halfway through the month, I'll extend the submission period til February 16th.  We will have a new written challenge at the beginning of February.  So get crackin and let's see some header designs!

December Challenge

First of all, great November entries!

On to December's challenge. It's a pretty easy and a fun one: Your oneshot must include some mistletoe action. Ie. kissing under the mistletoe (or on it, around it, near it, etc).  Bonus points for those you do in a unique way.

That's it! I look forward to the entries!!

November Challenge

We've got a challenge! And this month's challenge comes via bea tricks. So thank you Bea!

She issues this challenge:

End an episode differently.

Yep, that's it. Take any episode from any season and write a different ending.

I look forward to seeing everyone's entries!

Good luck!